Hi res tower

Tilehurst Tower turned blue

Submitted by apshireAdmin on Fri, 11/15/2019 - 12:54

Working with Thames Water on the turn Tilehurst Red event was huge fun and very worthwhile. And the fun didn't end there. Before we packed the lights away from the Turn Tilehurst Red event, Thames Water asked if we could turn the tower blue to match their corporate colours. Of course we could...


Thames Water 1

The lights (SGM P10s) really picked out the detail of the Tower and accentuated the shadows made by the concrete columns and balustrades. A very striking result.

A photo from the back of the tower shows some nearby houses which gives and idea of scale. It truly is a massive building! The "spotlight" at the bottom of the left hand archway is the moon - we can't take any credit for that!

Blue Tower Back

With thanks to Paul Clark of S2S Photography (FaceBook page here) for kindly allowing us to use one of his photos as the header image to this page.