• Shure SM58

Shure SM58

The Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone is ideal for both recording and performing, specifically designed for vocal applications. The uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source, allowing your voice to cut through the mix by minimizing background noise and reducing feedback. The rugged construction features a pneumatic shock-mount system and steel mesh grille that will last for years whilst still providing consistent performance and reliability. Tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of lead and back-up vocals, the Shure SM58 has a tailored vocal response for a sound which is a world standard.

Industry Standard Vocal Microphone
Ideal for Lead and Backing Singers, Great for Speeches
Cardioid, Dynamic Vocal Mic
Warm and Clear Vocal Reproduction

Tech Spec

Microphone Type: Dynamic.

Polar Pattern: Cardioid.

Frequency Response: 50Hz-15kHz.

Output Impedance: 150 ohms.

Colour: Black.

Connector: XLR.

Weight: 0.66 lbs.

Manufacturer Part Number: SM58-LC