HK Lucas 2K 18 System

LUCAS 2K18 is the companion of choice for DJs on the go who work weddings, galas, birthdays and similar events. No other portable system can match this compact 2.1 PA’s ability to strike the perfect balance between soothing background music, crisp and articulate speech reinforcement, and huge, dancefloor-filling beats. Its background sound is expansive yet pleasantly unobtrusive. Speeches and announcements come across clear and easy to understand even in the far corners of the room. And LUCAS 2K18’s remarkable headroom provides plenty of oomph to get the party started with big, beefy bass beats and a silky top end. Featuring premium-quality components, a newly developed 2,000-watt power amplifier and advanced DSP technology, this system was designed specifically to meet the needs of DJs, and its painstakingly-tuned filters ensure it works equally well with all kinds of signal sources.


Tech Spec

Active 2.1 PA system

Optimized for mobile DJ applications

2,000-watt peak power (calc.)

Two satellites with one 8″ speaker and one 1″ CD horn each

18″ bass reflex subwoofer

Advanced DSP technology

66.3 kg total weight

HK Audio MultiGrip recessed handles

Satellites with milled recessed ErgoGrips for easy handling

M20 speaker pole mount

90 x 55° CD horn

HK Audio MonTilt for optimum sound-to-audience alignment

Extendable using the LINEAR SUB 1800 A bass add-on

Made in Germany